The New Way To Water

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Every year $17.3b is lost due to crops failure in the US alone, much of which could have been prevented using water-smart technologies. Dripio can help reduce this loss by 87% through IoT automation. Our systems are easy to install, provide as high level of complexity as desired, at a 1/10th of a cost of similar systems. Our analytical dashboard gives users instant insight and full control over their plants. Whether you want to have a more beautiful garden, or you are a farmer, Dripio optimizes the key driver - water

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What Makes Us Different

We created a watering system that can have hundreds of flexible zones at a fraction of a cost of comparable existing ones. It is easy to install and modify as needed. It helps optimize watering of individual plants, improving crop yields and survivability of landscape plants. It saves a lot of water and a lot of money.

Competetive cost

Competitive cost

Dripio’s unique technology opens up the gates of new opportunities. Now complex smart watering systems can be built for a fraction of the cost compared to legacy technologies.

Optimized watering

Optimized watering

Thanks to Dripio’s unique DC-PLCC communication technology, watering resolution can be reduced dramatically, all the way to controlling a single plant.

Ongoing savings

Ongoing savings

With optimized watering come savings, both in water and monthly cost. But savings don’t stop there - think healthier plants, saved manual labor, and better yields for growers.

Ease of installation

Ease of installation

Crucial condition for any good watering system - it must be easy to install. Major advantage of Dripio technology is reliance on a single coaxial line, making complex installation a breeze.

Flexibility of design

Flexibility of design

You want your watering system to perfectly fit the landscape it is intended to water. Dripio approaches watering organically - away from old rigid zones, long live flexible zones!



Have an existing system? No problem. Dripio combines the old and the new - making it a perfect retrofit option. Enhance your existing system with our flexible options for maximum value.

Drip is king

Drip is King

Dripio was named such for a reason - we love drip irrigation! Dripio is a perfect fit for those looking to move towards this economical and environmentally friendly watering technology.

Maximum control

Maximum control

You love your plants. Imagine being able to control watering of each individual one - with Dripio it already is a reality you can enjoy. Individual or group - the control is in your hands.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

We live in the future, why settle for the past? Old concepts for user interfaces still plague irrigation products, so we’ve embarked on a mission to make the best user experience our users deserve.

Our Technology



Dripio cloud is the hub for data and the central brain of the system. From weather intelligence to the ability to precisely control watering anywhere on the planet, Dripio cloud is an ever evolving technology asset that gets smarter every day.



Dripio hardware is a family of smart devices, connected to each other and controlled by the cloud and by one another. With four pending patents, the secret sauce in our hardware solution puts Dripio years ahead of competition.



Dripio dashboard was carefully designed and continously evolves to meet the needs of our diverse user base. It comes in every popular format, from mobile to desktop, and can easily be adopted to the specific needs of individual customers.

Dripio is best fit For:

commercial landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Dripio retrofit option is perfect for commercial landscaping, because it reuses existing zones while adding new flexible zones to supplement watering in problematic areas.

Indoor growers

Dripio is a perfect match for indoor growers as it offers solutions for soil monitoring and measured watering down to the level of an individual plant, all while keeping the installation costs down.

indoor growers
large properties

Large properties

Maintaining healthy landscaping for a large residential property is highly challenging and very expensive. Dripio drives both initial and on-going costs down, while keeping your plants lush and happy.

Small to medium farms

The diversity of crops grown on small to medium farms demands more sophisticated approach to watering. Dripio allows farmers to customize watering profile to better match the specific needs of various crops.

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We are looking to partner with industry leaders to bring our technology to various irrigation markets. Contact us to learn more about our technology and discuss ways we can partner together.