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is a connected smart system
designed to individually water and care
for garden plants, beds and green fences

Dripio is versatile and adaptable
to any kind of garden.

It consists of a Wi-Fi connected controller
and as many smart valves as your garden needs

It consists of a Wi-Fi connected controller
and as many smart valves as your garden needs

Dripio was developed by gardeners
for gardeners, and is a perfect solution
both for novices and experts


Smart Dripio knows when and how much your plants need watering. It is preloaded with watering schedules for different types of plants and scenarios, but can also be easily reprogramed to fit your specific needs.
Connected Dripio connects to your home’s WiFi and lets you monitor and control the system online or on your mobile devices.
Interconnected All parts of Dripio system talk to each other using our innovative patent pending Direct Current Power-line Communication technology.
Cloud-independent Dripio technology is cloud-enabled, but also cloud independent. Connected or not — your plants are getting their water!
Weather aware Dripio is aware of the local weather at your geo-location. This way it can adjust the individual watering schedules for your plants.
Saves water Drip irrigation is the most economical way to water plants. Dripio pushes the savings even further by delivering the right amount of water at the optimal time of the day, minimizing evaporation and transpiration.
All plants Dripio works for any type of plant that need care. Trees and shrubs as well as garden and flower beds - all can be watered and cared for using a collection of interconnected Dripio Smart Valves.
Self-winterizing Winter is coming! No worries, Dripio knows how to self- winterize by employing special draining routine so your tubing survives the wintery elements. We will also send you a reminder to turn your water off!
Some highlights of technology behind Dripio:
Developed with typical residential drip irrigation in mind.

Main controller box comes with all necessary components built in:

The whole system operates via Dripio cloud, but also runs independently without cloud connection

Smart nodes are waterproof, dirt-proof devices that are capable of watering individual plants or groups of similar plants

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Meet the team

Different backgrounds. Different roles. Same goal.
Alex Zehnbacht
Mad Professor
Eugene Derevyanko
Software Wiz
Kevin King
Hardware Guru
Katya Mazuruk
The Constant Gardener
Chloe Booboo
"Bhagwan" Temba
Master of Fertilizer, Chief Produce Sampler, Shyster, and General Hooligan.

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